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Press Release

This Exhibition has become a distinctive trademark in the world of specialized International exhibitions and conferences including Egypt & Arab countries, in terms of the number of participating companies.

We hope that the exhibition has brought success to all its participants and it played a clear positive role in the advancement of the national economy, to be a strong foundation in developing our modern Egypt and to be a distinguished starting point for the Egypt to take its lead in the Arab region.

Hotel and Tourism in Egypt share in the international income of the country. In the past the emphasis was on lighting Egypt's heritage. Now many of these new tourism territories are among Egypt's most precious attractions, completely unpolluted with excellent fishing, clear water and climate conditions that permit tourism year -- round.

Our exhibitions are always under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism which provide a powerful support. This year "HACE - Hotel Expo Nov. 2015" had been under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade and also under the auspices of the Egyptian Chefs Association.

The official opening had been by H.E. Samy Mahmoud, Chairman of Egyptian Tourism Authority, Mr. Yousry Abu El Naga, Mr. Khaled Hegazy, Mr. Alaa Mohie El Din Representing Egyptian Group for Marketing, the organizers of the "HACE - HOTEL EXPO Exhibition