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عن الملتقى
التعليمى الطهوى

عن الملتقى التعليمى الطهوى
عن الملتقى التعليمى الطهوى

Hace Food Hub, a Meeting Point for Top Names in Food & Beverage Industry

Another highlight at Hace was the HACE Food HUB, a meeting point for top names in the food and beverage industry, organized by the Egyptian Chefs Association. This year the HUB was covered by IHoreca.

Hace 2022 (27)

The HUB includes daily discussion sessions dealing with topics of interest to professionals in the sector.
The HUB panels feature the most prominent personalities in the food sector so that the attendees can benefit from their expertise through interactive Q&A sessions. Among the sessions that were organized was a session entitled “The Businessmen Mindset Required for Culinary Leaders”, and another entitled “Egypt’s Participation in International Competitions”, which discussed the criteria by which Egypt’s culinary ambassadors are selected, and the skills required for those representing the country in competitions abroad. The “sustainable kitchen” trend was also discussed, how to find ways to deal with product shortages or persistent unavailability of products, and how to prevent food waste. Another session discussed high food prices and their impact on restaurants and the food sector, and how market operators are overcoming these challenges.









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إنهم محترفون رفيعو المستوى ولديهم أكثر من 43 عامًا من الخبرة في مجالاتهم المتتالية. يتمتع كل منهم بمهنة بارعة في تنظيم المعارض والمعارض التجارية والمؤتمرات، وهم حاليًا المؤسسون والشركاء الإداريون وراء معرض هيس الشهير، بالإضافة إلى العديد من المعارض الأخرى الجديرة بالملاحظة.